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All your communication channels in 1 simple team managed inbox

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Customer Communication Channels in Your SweetApp Dashboard

  • Emails
  • Missed calls - Automatic text-back 🔥
  • Inline voicemail player
  • Text messages
  • Website chat widget
  • Text payment request link
  • Contact form submissions
  • FB Messenger Messages
  • Instagram DM's
  • TikTok Lead Gen Ad Messages
  • Google Business messages
  • Reviews on Google

All your Calls & Messages in One Place

Customers can communicate from all the places they like to your single professional shared inbox

This dashboard will:

  • Delight customers, by never missing communications, including phone calls
  • Make it astoundingly simple to run a tight ship, in regard to customer and potential customer incoming communications
  • Make your business money that you would otherwise not even know you lost, by never missing a single incoming revenue opportunity …easily 👌
Inbox on Laptop Screen

On the Go? There’s a Mobile App Too 😎

Inbox on Mobile Phone

Reviews Matter! Automate Review Generation & Keep a Pulse on Your Reputation

Let’s face it. Every business is going to face an unhappy customer leaving a public review occasionally.

Preserve your 5-star rating by growing your collection of positive reviews on your Google Business profile.

SweetApp makes this simple.

  • Tactfully Automate Review Requests
  • Keep a pulse on your Online Reputation
  • Automatically ask for direct feedback from customers before they Post Publically
  • Respond to Google Reviews Directly from Your Dashboard on Desktop or Mobile
  • Flag Inappropriate Reviews for Removal from Your Dashboard
  • Showcase Live Feed of your Positive Reviews on Your Website

Advanced Features

SweetApp advanced features include calendar sync, communication and marketing automation, and more tools to put your and your team’s agneda on auto-pilot.

To learn more about Advanced or Enterprise SweetApp solutions, book a meeting with a Success Manager, or read more on the pricing and details page.

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SweetLocal Reports

Super-useful reports to help you understand your ranking and your top competitors. Filter by keyword to help build a targeted ranking strategy.


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This is the same SMS feature that you can add to your website. This method of chat means that when the potential customer leaves your website, you can still reply. Conveniently, they will be able to chat with you with text messages on their phone!

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